Human Capital Days
in Uzbekistan 2023
November 23, Tashkent

The 1st Forum and Exhibition Showcase will bring together CEOs of large companies, industry experts, HRD, representatives of recruiting and consulting companies.
Why Uzbekistan?

Modern Uzbekistan occupies a leading economic position among the countries of Central Asia.

The country's population is more than 35 million people.

According to the State Statistical Committee of Uzbekistan, there are about 578 thousand enterprises and organizations in the republic

Uzbekistan's GDP in 2022 amounted to more than $80.4 billion.

Leading industries: сotton production, mechanical engineering, textile and light industry, gas, non-ferrous metallurgy, production of building materials and household appliances and others.

Particular attention is paid to the innovative development of the country, educational processes and the development of the human resources potential of the Republic.

Purpose of the Forum
Creating a professional platform for finding solutions, sharing experiences, business collaborations, partnerships and implementing ideas.
Main topics of the business program:
Labor migration in the CIS countries and how it affects the labor market in the region
Global trends in the labor market
The role of large companies in the development of human capital in Uzbekistan
Performance and Talent Management.
Personnel assessment, development and retention
Strategic Role of HR Transformation for Business
Corporate Training and E-Learning
Development of engineering and technical personnel
Round tables
Development of engineering and technical personnel in the Republic of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries
Olga Park
HR Director, Uzbek-French joint venture «Nurlikum Mining», ORANO Group
HR Strategies in Retail
and FMCG:
Specifics in Uzbekistan and the experience of neighboring countries
Galina Kan
HR Director, Texnomart
HR Strategies in Banking and FinTech Sectors of Uzbekistan and countries of the Region
Muqaddas Inomzhonova
HR Director, Xalq Banki
HR Partner
Auto Partner
Information Partners
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Abdrasilova Raikhan Serikbaykyzy
Deputy General Director for Human Resources, CNPC-Kazakhstan
"The HR forum presented interesting solutions for HR tasks in the following areas: developing human resources in Kazakhstan, managing talents and leaders, motivating employees, effective communications, HR tec and well-being, and more. At the same time, new products of various companies of the CIS countries in the field of IT technologies in HR, motivating packages of programs/services for personnel. Forum participants shared their experience in HR management, discussed problems, and also shared modern trends in the field of personnel motivation, retention of talented employees at enterprises, etc. In fact, the Forum has become an excellent platform for dialogue and discussion. Thank you."
Svetlana Polevshchikova
iSpring Lead Project Manager
"It was a pleasure to work with you) I meet and communicated with representatives of companies that are interesting for us.
Thank you for organizing and inviting!"
Asel Badina
Head of Personnel Assessment and Development Department
Directorate for organizational development and personnel management at 
Corporation Kazakhmys LLP
"Participation in the Human Capital Days - 2022 forum left me with a rather pleasant aftertaste. In my opinion, it was a great opportunity to bring together leading HR experts, industry leaders and opinion leaders at one platform. And also to share and exchange opinions on the best HR- practices and tools for their implementation in the context of the characteristics of a particular corporate culture. Among other things, such events form an HR environment of a special scale, where the value of our business is so tangible that it inspires us to do even more."
Elmira Salimova
Head of Personnel Training and Development Department at Eurasia Group Kazakhstan
"Our company is the number one employer in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan, we provide an innovative solution for the development of agriculture. We came to the forum to get acquainted with colleagues, learn more interesting information about trends in the labor market, namely in terms of cooperation with universities, collaboration with state institutions, get acquainted with the latest digital solutions, because we are also actively developing towards digitalization.
The forum was very interesting, dynamic, we met partners from different countries, got acquainted with the decisions of Kazakhstani colleagues!"
Vladislav Smilevsky
Trainer-Consultant at
Group of Companies Training Institute ARB Pro
"I really liked the forum and how everything is organized.
The participants have a serious professional interest, they ask precise questions, they are interested in cooperation, the impressions are very pleasant! I recommend everyone to come and participate in such a forum!"
Gulnara Murzakhmetova
Director of HR Development Department at
Kazakh-British Technical University
“Very interesting and varied. The forum discussed so modern and relevant topics. There were many speakers from different companies. Both large companies and small ones, as well as start-ups shared their experience on how to manage personnel in the modern world. I really like the fact that HR is acquiring a human face, both on the part of employers and employees. Everyone understands the need for interaction, cooperation, anticipation of various scenarios that can happen unexpectedly. This is what we have been seeing in the world lately. I am sure that the forum will become a good annual tradition and will bring positive results for all participants.”
Artyom Marshalov
Head of B2B services Yandex Go in Kazakhstan
"I was a speaker at Human Capital Days. It's a great forum, where it was really an honor to speak. I talked about how "Yandex Go" helps companies in solving issues in the field of attracting, motivating and retaining staff. There was a very active response, lively the audience, people were interested, discussed, participated in discussions and asked questions. It is clear that the forum brought together professionals in the field of HR who are interested in developing the sphere in Kazakhstan. Many thanks to the organizers, it was a pleasure to be here and get such an invaluable experience."
Ivan Berdinskikh
Director of Legal Support and Control Department Manpower
"This is not the first time HR consulting, staffing and outsourcing company Manpower has been participating in the Human Capital Days forum in Astana. As in the past year, I expect an interesting mix of the most relevant topics, as well as a free exchange of views with representatives of business, government bodies and the university community. In turn, we will be happy to share the latest news from the global labor market and our practical work experience over the last, very dynamic year of work in Kazakhstan."
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